Ciao for Now - Finissage 


My leaving party of my gallery & studio in New Zealand. For 3 years I jumped on the opportunity to lease the space before the landlord would take over with his own business again. I don't know if I would have extended if I would have had the opportunity, luckily I didn't have to make this decision! I loved having a gallery and studio and I will do it again. But 3 years was ok, it was ok to commit because I knew after that block of hard work my plans always have been to travel for a bit again and to explore Canada. Thank you so much for everybody who came out this night, who came the following and last week to say goodbye and to everybody who made my gallery and studio I had in Raglan, New Zealand a success! I have met so many amazing people, so many inspiring conversations, I won't forget this time and I'm so proud I did it! - And I do miss my gallery, even it's pretty exciting in Canada too.


Big thanks to Anne Paar Photography who did such a great job to capture wonderful moments! 

And the Local Eatery for the delicious catering and Jono Hutson for the raw sweetness!