• This gift voucher is valued at 25 NZD,there is no end date when it has to be used and can be used online or offline at one of my pop-ups!


    How does it work?


    + after purchase you get a link automatically for downloading a zip-folder with all different versions of your voucher. You don't have to choose which design, you get them both - black and gold! You only decide the value at this point.


    + don't worry, if you have any issues with downloading the folder, I will send you the files via email or whichever way you prefer.


    + in the folder you find, PDF files, single pages or double pages, with crop marks ( these guys are very helpful to cut the voucher to size! ) or without, just send a digital gift voucher - safe the paper! Everything you need is in the folder in all kinds of variations - all images you see here are as PDF hi-res files in the folder.


    + once purchased you also will get your unique coupon via email sent, a combination of numbers and letters which you then use to fill in the voucher. 

    BONUS: I can make the coupon name unique, you can tell me! It's easy to change. Maybe their name and something nice? 


    + the coupon only works once, when your gifted friend/family/pet ;-) chooses something in my online shop at check out they can use the coupon under 'Promotion code' and it deducts the amount, the value of their voucher of the total ( yes including shipping ! ) 


    + that's it! 



    If there are any questions prior/after purchase or getting stuck at any time, I'm here, I'm a person ( actual job title 'Creative Human', it's on my business card! ), I'm a tiny business in my tiny house and I will assist you until we have that baby ready to be a gift! 

    Gift Voucher Valued $25

    • File Format

      hi-res printfiles PDF, if you do have issues I can send you hi-res JPEGs but PDFs are very common and easy to handle by any printer!


      Single page: 148 x 148 mm

      Double page: 296 x 148 mm

      I recommend on home printers to tick the box 'fit' in the printer's pop up window. It will shrink it a tiny bit if you print A4. 

      I'm happy to help if you get stuck!


    • User agreement

      By purchasing a gift voucher you agree to use the print files and its artwork only for the purpose to create a gift voucher for your own private purpose.

      You agree to NOT replicate this product or use an altered version of it to sell to others. You agree to NOT use the artwork for any other commercial purpose; this includes marketing. 

      By purchasing this voucher you are NOT purchasing a commercial license of any kind.

      Thank you very much for understanding!