• Title: 'First it melts, than it grows'

    Belongs to the series: 'Home is where your heart is'


    Original Artwork, hand drawn with pencil first, fineliner and shaded with graphite pencil on 100% cotton paper. 

    The embossing shows a heart in the middle. The ornamental leaf like and bandage-like looking arms, symbolize a heart growing out of the healing stage but still carrying signs of evidence of past pain. 

    All artwork with this embossing is part of a new series and art style Denise has worked from the beginning of 2018.

    -'First it melts, than it grows'-'Home is where your heart is' Original Artwork

    • Dimensions:

      15 x 15 cm

      ( 6 x 6 inches )


      The original artwork comes on an acid-free matt, which is attached with acid-free tape. 

    • ♥ Tips how to care for my babies ♥

      100% Cotton paper is acid-free! Yay!

      Fineliners are all lightfast. When you are getting it framed, ask your framer for a glass that protects your artwork from UV / sunlight. 

      If you frame it yourself, it would also help to tape ( use acid free tape ) the backboard along the frame to protect your artwork from dirt but mainly from poor insects that often don't make their way out again. Also think, they might die in the middle of your artwork ... 

      Otherwise to see the maximum on details a non-reflecting glass like museum glass would be the best choice!