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  • Hand drawn on upcycled porcelain bead. Several layers of gloss for clay is hand brushed on each piece to make the artwork long lasting. All jewellery are one of a kind pieces, original artworks and signed on the back!  


    - The Story -

    Denise inheritaded a box of porcelain, clay and terracotta beads around 2014 from a friend in Raglan, New Zealand. His mother used to do jewellery in the 80ies. When they cleaned out his mother's house, he found a box full of leftover materials for jewellery making. Denise just started to experiment with jewellery making at that time, mainly with dryclay and resin. When he saw the box and her creations at the time he thought of gving it to Denise before leaving it to the bin.

    The box was a mix of raw beads and coloured ones. His mother made very colourful chains with many beads in one piece. It took a while for Denise to discover a design that suits her art. She almost gave the box back and only kept it because her friend said he would just throw it away! Luckily she gave it another go! 

    She just took one piece and tried to draw on it, she combined it with natural materials like silver and leather. Since then she has sold many pieces around the world but an end of the material will come. It's only known that his mother ordered them from Italy back in the days. Knowing that makes each peice even more special and unique! 

    'Dancing Mushrooms Delight'

    • Dimensions:

      W 50mm x D 11 mm

    • Material:

      porcelan, silver plated chain, pigment liner and acrylic paint, finshed with a gloss glaze

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